Loanshark is an aggregation and automation platform for DeFi and Web3.

What We Do

Loanshark turns time-consuming user actions into automated on-chain actions triggered by user pre-set conditions. Users can bundle multiple actions that span different protocols to form workflows in a simple and cost-efficient manner with Loanshark.Loanshark offers the following functions:
- Automated position management toolbox that allows users to create workflows that span multiple protocols (e.g. Set up a workflow that automatically withdraws funds from farms and then repay your debt based on health factor and/or interest rates)
- Simple and protocol agnostic interface for borrowers to originate loans
- Aggregated liquidity across different lending platforms to offer the lowest rates

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The Team

Constantin is a former partner of a blockchain venture capital firm. He graduated from Georgetown University.Jayden has more than 5 years of software engineering experience in a research institution. He graduated from University of Hong Kong.Alfred worked for several Web3 projects as their marketing lead. He graduated from University of Cambridge.Richard has years of asset and wealth management experience in several global banks. He graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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